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Shania Twain

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Coming in at the runner-up position once more is Lee Dewyze. Although his version of "You're Still The One" any bit more robust than Shania Twain's, had been still much so-so. Still, he wasn't in backside Three and also the judges praised his performing. Lee Dewyze has such wonderful and unique sound that he or she could probably get away with anything from the Frank Sinatra catalog. We really are blessed to see a model like Shania Twain, she shows us how that they are more than we are, by her example. Her videos are filled with color and vibrancy, with fun and laughter, with talent and fashion, with movement and dance.

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      She didn't join the show until Hollywood week, so she'd no return picking ultimate 184 contestants.

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    It was finalized June 25.

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